Is my GPU causing speckles on the screen? Plasma TV

I recently put together an HTPC capable of gaming on my plasma tv and whenever I play either Oblivion or Medieval 2 Total War I get either a bunch of black specks that come and go all over the screen and with Oblivion I get a bunch of neon green, pink, and blue specks that pop up all over the screen. It doesn't happen with any other game or when I am on the desktop doing any thing else like watching blu-ray rips or browsing the internet. The card I have is a 4870 1gb. I don't know the correct term for what I am seeing so I havn't been able to find anything online for the problem I have having. Thank you for the help.

Edit: The temp is around 55 degrees C when I am in game so I don't believe the card is overheating.
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  1. Did you try different game settings... like disabling the AA and @ diff resolutions...?
  2. Depending on how big your screen is, you might be seeing artifacts because of a lack of vram.

    What resolution are you playing at?
  3. 1360x768 or whatever the native res of the tv is

    I had HDR on and not AA, I guess I could try a different hdmi cable and try 8x AA instead of HDR
  4. my gpu puts blue dots all over the screen with any game when it overheats, or when my memory clocks are too high
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