P7P55D EVO - Blank Screen

My computer turns on and all fans/LEDs have power, AND all appropriate motherboard lights illuminate. But alas, there's nothing on the screen. No BIOS, not anything. Just black. The MOBO speaker sounds like it's beeping once, which would indicate the lack of a keyboard. However, I have a keyboard plugged in (I've tried multiple). I've also tried multiple monitors with DVI, HDMI, and VGA, but I cannot get any picture. All parts appear to have power, except for the fact that my USB ports don't appear to work. I honestly can't think of what's wrong except for a faulty motherboard.

My Build:
Azza Fantom 900 Black
Asus P7P55D EVO
Intel Core i7-860 LGA 1156 @ 2.8
G-Skill DDR3 1600 @ 4 (2x2) Gb
XFX Radeon HD 5850
Corsair TX 750W PSU
Samsung 500 GB HDD 7400 RPM
LiteOn 24x Optical Burner
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  1. Try unplugging the PSU from the wall for a few minutes. If that does not work, try resetting the CMOS jumper, instructions in MB manual. The MB is not dead if beeps are coming from the BIOS.
  2. Ok well scratch that because I removed the speaker and still heard the beeps, so they obviously weren't coming from the speaker. Anyway, I tried clearing the CMOS but that didn't work either. I'm strongly leaning towards dead board here.
  3. Quote:
    I removed the speaker and still heard the beeps

    Not the sound speakers. The speaker hooked to the MB BIOS speaker header

    One way to tell if the MB is 'dead' is to be sure a working speaker is connected to the MB BIOS speaker header (not the speakers that provide sound). Remove all the RAM and boot the machine. If the BIOS does not beep indication there is no RAM in the system, the MB or CPU is dead.

    In order to troubleshoot the system any further spare parts would be needed, RAM, CPU, etc. Bench testing the system with minimum hardware would be the best option.

    Note: When resetting the CMOS jumper, unplug the system from the wall, remove the battery and short the jumper. Instructions are in the MB manual.
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