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I recently installed the latest bluetooth drivers from the ASUS website for my P8Z68-V PRO because I was getting an unknown device showing up in my device management which, by process of elimination, I knew was onboard bluetooth. Now, on startup I get two bluetooth icons in my system tray; however, when I hover over one it dissapears - but it always appears when I reboot.

I couldn't seem to find the root of the second bluetooth icon. There is only one bluetooth device now and no unknown since I installed the driver and I can't seem to find anything in programs list etc. to remove. Why is the icon appearing and how do I eliminate the problem? (it still apears if I select hide icon and notifications in customize system tray)
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling your blue tooth drivers completely? Try that out.
  2. That seems to have done something. Only one icon appears in the tray now, but I noticed that there are still two icons in the list of notification area icons. One is Windows Explorer Bluetooth Devices and the other is "AtheBtTray.exe" and there are two devices listed in device manager under Bluetooth Radios: Generic Bluetooth Adapter and Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator. Wondering why.

    Thanks though seems to have cleared that up :D
  3. Windows Explorer Bluetooth devices allow you to see your BT devices so you can easily manage them. As for the AtheBtTray.exe, i'm guessing it does somethign similar or is needed for your actualy BT device.

    You can always go into MSCONFIG and disable any start up items you may want to get rid of.

    Click on "Start" in the search box type MSCONFIG and hit enter. If you click on the "Startup" tab it will show you which processes are starting up. That way you can see what's going on and either disable or uninstall stuff that's unnecessary for boot up.
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