Gigabyte or asus is better?

can somebody suggest me which are better between asus & gigabyte?
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  1. in mainboard category ASUS win the match,by the way asus have a better warrenty!
  2. ASUS and Gigabyte warranties are actually basically the same; 3 years from manufactured date. I've dealt with both companies and they are comparable, though Gigabyte had a much quicker turn-around time. In terms of quality, the Gigabyte UD series wins, but anything older is a tie.
  3. Yes both manufactures have good warranties,but the main question is, which model are you considering anriz86 ?
  4. without actual boards to compare, i would say that they are even in terms of quality, warranty, and customer support
  5. Both brands are top notch... It all comes doen to what board/platform you are looking at.
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