Blue screen & weird issues

Let me first start off this post by saying i hope this is in the right section, if it isnt then please move it to the proper section.

Long Version:
With that said.... I was playing quake 3( had installed it 2 hours prior) yesterday on my computer when the whole screen and everything locked up, so i turned it off and turned it back on, it boots up fine and gets to the vista log in, i log into my user account and it then gives me a blue screen with "page_fault_in_nonpaged_area" which i had never seen, so i turned it off and rebooted into safe mode, same thing.....well i put my vista disk in it repaired and this fixed the log in blue screen problem, just when i thought i was out of the woods, after logging into my user name, when the graphics card Drivers/Catalyst software would load up, my screen would get insanely bright, so i thought it might be driver problem, so i uninstalled the graphics drivers and then reinstalled them, and it started again, so i threw my vista CD in with the intent of formatting and starting from scratch(i was able to back up all the files i cared about while struggling with an extremely bright screen). Well after about 15 minutes booting up the vista CD, instead of giving me the vista CD screen( DVD was the first in boot sequence, not sure why it didn't load it) it gave me the safe mode, normal options, so i just started it up as regular and apparently my vista installed the basic drivers for my video card and currently the weird bright problem isn't occurring, but now i am scared to update because it might come back.

Short Version:
Weird computer crash, Weirder blue screen in normal & Safe Mode, Vista repair on disk, Bright screen after start up when drivers & catalyst loaded, Uninstalled and reinstalled same problem, was about to format when the vista disk installed basic drivers for my video card and now everything works fine, except its an older driver.

So here is what i'm wondering, How do i go about checking the video card, and other things on my computer to figure out if it was/is hardware related, or if it was just some weird drivers/software bug?

Any help with this problem is much appreciated, and if you need any more info please ask

Other Info
OS: Vista Home Premium 64bit
Video Card: Asus EAH4870 DK
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  1. Has Vista done an update recently?, I ask because mine has and it is now BSOD on start up as well but only the 32bit version on the 680i. I have reset all my voltages to auto via the BIOS and it seems to be OK but it is a bit weird.
  2. Bump

    also i hadn't updated anything recently, so i'm just fishing for ideas of what to look into to make sure something isn't on the verge of being damaged, or isn't already.
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