Heatsink Suggestion for OC

I'm looking for a good heatsink since I plan on OCing my PC.

ASUS M4A79XTD mobo
AMD phenom ii x4 965 (3.4ghz)
hd radeon 6950
2x2GB ram
HAF 912 case

I'm currently using stock heatsink so I have just 3.4ghz but I want to OC to 3.8ghz at least which seems like a decent goal...
I'm willing to spend up to $60 for the heatsink. Any suggestions for a good heatsink my rig?
I've looked at
Do you guys like that list? I've also heard that a very good bang for your buck is the haf 212+ cooler/heatsink. I want pretty good cooling though because I hope to achieve 4.0ghz overclock. Also, will my case fit any heatsink? Even those big ones people always complain about on newegg?
Thanks for the help!
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  1. I am using a Corsair H50 in Push/Pull w/ Artic Cool MX-3...same CPU at 3.91GHz@1.45 volts temps are 39c idle 54c 100% using prime95 for 11 hours....Yet I do not recommend this cooler unless you can get it on sale for $ not spend full price for it as you can get an equally good Air Cooler for $60.00..I used the Titan Fenrir that I got from it done a good job 3.8GHz idle 34c 100% load 62c....The Hyper 212 is an outstanding cooler for the price which is currently $35.00 at newegg.....Ummm lets see...

    heres a good one it is huge though:

    heres the Titan the fan is loud at full speed but it is a PWM fan

    heres another
  2. For 4.0GHz on air you best have some serious and proper air flow no matter which one you choose.....You might look into a LCS like the XSPC RASA it should allow you to reach your goals and stay chilly at the same time.... well relatively chilly...The XSPC is like $130.00 from Frozen..
  3. When OCing especially that high make sure your voltages are right as it will not only cause excessive heat it can possilbly damage your gear as well....
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    I have a 955 BE and was able to OC it to 4.0 Ghz with the 212+. The warmest temps I have seen was 48*C playing Crysis 2 on extreme settings (720p). I haven't run extensive tests because I think real-world gaming is a test itself (against the grain here I know...). We'll see how it holds up when I get my new 1080 monitor but I have no reason to doubt it. For the price I had to give it a shot and am very happy with the results. It is also much quieter than stock. My GPU fan is much louder under stress. As far as size goes, it fit in my Rosewill Challenger case perfectly.
  5. Yeah 212+ works great....just thought I would mix it up a bit....
  6. synkid, What was the ambient temp where your computer is at? ...4.0GHz @48c -->100% load? Your ambient temps would have to be 20c or lower....I am gonna get me a 212+ and slap it on my OCed 940@3.65-->1.46v its a 140 watt CPU so that 'll test it for sure.....
  7. We keep it around 21-22*C in the house year round (central air in the summer time). I was very cautious with my OC and increased 5% at a time (via Extreme3 BIOS). I run HWMonitor when gaming and constantly minimize to check current and max temps. So far the highest temp (System, CPU, Core) I have seen is 48*C and it was during Crysis 2 campaign. I run a single HD6870 (black edition, stock OC) at 1360 x 768 resolution and max out the graphic settings. My GPU is the hottest thing in my system reaching low 70s at full load. I may need to get it an aftermarket cooling system when my 1080 monitor comes in, but that's a different topic all together.

    I too was looking into other cooling options. I usually like to run against the grain a little, but for the price I gave this a shot and I'm glad I did.

  8. I just pulled prime95 for 1 hr : Ambient temp-->27c---->47c@100%load
    H50--->4.01 GHz-->1.45v

    My 6870 is quite warm also....I wish they made good vga coolers..that market is very limited
  9. Thanks for help guys! I'm considering 212+ just because of how cheap it is... However, I want to really OC to 4.0 though.. Thanks everyone for input!
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