i am using an IPOD 30 GB.. whenever I try to connect it with my Laptop (OS Windows XP) it shows an error USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED.. if I try to attach my friend's IPOD to my PC it works properly.. its only my IPOD which isn't working on my PC.. I even tried to attach my IPOD to some one else's PC.. it again shows the same error.. I downloaded the latest itunes, but that also in vain.. I have been using this ipod on this computer previously.. but since I formatted this PC this problem is occuring.. I don't know whether this problem is of my PC or my Ipod..

Thanks in advance..!!
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  1. Try installing the latest chipset from either the MOBO manufacturer's support site or the computer manufacturer's support site. Doing so will ensure that the USB controllers are up to date and can handle the iPod.
  2. Hello, I ran into this problem recently with my iPod 60 GB photo (a.k.a iPod 4G). I ended up using a firewire cable and being able to access the iPod without any problems. The USB interface is still not working. But am not so concerned as the firewire option pretty much solves the issue.
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