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Hi there, i have another PC almost like mine, its a intel E7200 with 2gb ddr2 memory, 8600GT, asus P5KPL-AM SE

my question is will the standard psu (350watt) be able to OC the cpu high, and what would the max be out of the cpu, with that crap PSU, oh and i have 2 HDD's running so im not using so much power, except for the 8600GT...

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  1. The E7200 has a 65 watt TDP. That is also a reasonable high side estimate of how much power it needs. Overclocking will not add more than about 20 - 25% to that - or about 15 watts.

    You will not need to worry about the amount of power from the PSU. You may, however, need to worry about the quality of the PSU.
  2. quality = crap.. i cant overclock it to 400 clock speel, it fails
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