AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE & 790FX-GD70(MS-7577)

I have been playing with this computer for about 4mo now. But I just can't find the sweet spot for all the voltages. Right now I have just started over and everything going pretty well. My Core Voltage is at 1.384 V. Multiplier is at x20 and I am sitting right on 4ghz. I was just wondering what were some of the voltage setting that maybe some of you guys had. Just to compare. I know every CPU different but I just wanted to see and average of what you guys had. I am not running off air. I have Corsair H50 with 2 fans not one. I have been doing different stress test on it and it seems good at the voltage and multiplier. CPU temp is on average about 40c but I do need to move some of the cables around for better air flow. Any help would be great.
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  1. I have the exact same CPU/cooling and I stay stable at 1.45v@3.91GHz....1.384 seems a little low for stability at 4.0 GHz...Do you have the voltage set to auto in BIOS? Where are you getting you vcore readings? B/C I hit the wall at 3.95 GHz @ 1.45v ...I put 20 more mA's to it for 4.0GHz and register at voltage spike to 1.5 volts it left me feeling a little uneasy as 1.5v is the limit so I turned it down to 3.9 GHz...My temps with Push/Pull H50 at 3.91@1.45v...ambient temp.: 26c----idle: 32c 100%: 54c.....Lian -Li case so you can't even see a wire perfect airflow....
  2. Yep... That is strange. I ran prime95 a week ago and it lasted about 45min or so on those setting. Or maybe I am just losing my mind. I have played so much with this computer I cant remember.
    This time it lasted like 5min. lol. I am using heat now and last week I was using a/c. But that still does not seem right. Ok I will bump up my vcore a little more to see what I can find out. Do you remember your temps at 4ghz? Just wondering. I had it running at 4.2ghz around for a while with temps at maybe 45c and 1.5v. I am a little hard headed when it comes to speed and lowering. But I am here to listen not try to blow the thing up again. :lol:

    brb i am going to try prime95 again.
  3. zneg...1.5 volts is just asking for it...My temps at 4.0GHz@1.488v with spikes to 1.5v--> 15 minute prime95 ( thats all I would allow) temp. was 57c and climbing.....
  4. the quest for speed tends to fry stuff..I go to the top then bring it down one notch
  5. Yea your right... I will bring it down a some. I just dont have anything to oc right now and I have ocd and adhd (not the best combo) :bounce: but when I think maybe there is something wrong, something on one has tried (only kidding myself there I know) I want to try to redo things. But I just cant get the thoughts out my head.
    You try any other voltages? Or you just mess around with the vcore and the multiplier?
  6. I bumped my mem volts from 1.55---> 1.6v on a set of GSkill Snipers that I changed from CAS 9 to CAS 7.
  7. I have OCed it everyway you can and it seems to OC the best using the multi...
  8. Thanks man. Well I guess I will go on to my next quest. Making a awesome wifi antenna. . My friend lives outside the city and he can get about half a mile read with this thing.
  9. Just one more question. For some reason I cant get my tRas off auto. Don't ever remembering it doing that. Know the fix?
  10. Let me find this e-mail I got...Its a yagy that supposedly can get 125 miles????? Anyways, glad to help...remember to choose a best answer so the thread can be closed...Happy Tinkering
  11. tRas? whats it in regards to
  12. LOL I dont know about that far.. Maybe if you could find the exact length of the freq to use it to build your cable and then use a satellite dish send the wave in that direction. But I really dont know about that many miles... it would have to be on short wave or something... I have no clue... I just like building stuff... I was talking about adv ram settings... cas latency time, trcd, trp, and tras... but it seems like getting tired of it all and laying your head on the up arrow will fix it.... lol... all it was showing was just auto but when i did my little head trick I saw the rest of the list... I was at the end of the list being on auto... :pt1cable:
  13. it should be auto unless you plan on changing the latencies...I would leave those settings alone unless you really want to change it will take a lot of experimenting with settings to find the sweet spot....
  14. More of a reward for me... Need something to do hehe. Thanks for the help tonight prob be on tomorrow.
  15. Aight..happy tinkering
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