Good set up and overclock for those that can use it

I my self am new to overclocking but i wanted to let those who can use the help know of my set up and the overclock I got so they can use it.


Cooler-master HAF 922 Case
MSI P67A-GD55 Motherboard
I5 2500k
Cooler-Master Hyper 212+
1tb hard drive
Gigabyte 560 ti video card
Samsung DVD player
Rigjaw gskill 8gb 1600mhz Ram
Antac 750w Power supply


You can achieve a 4.6ghz overclock on this set up. However you'r volts will be a little on the higher side at 1.34. I would suggest to do as I have and Place your Overclock at a 43 (4.3)ghz at 1.28 volts. Make sure to read the following guild if you have not done so already.

Also study everything you can before asking question so that you can learn what is needed and be informed of the question you need.


the manufactures recommendation is not to exceed 1.5 volts. But do to heat and Power going through the I5 2500k others have suggested not to exceed. 1.35 volts. this may limit the Over clocking ability but will keep you in the safe ranges and should keep you from Killing your Processor. (But keep in mind that it is possible to still burn out your processor at 1.35 volts, it just all depend on individual processors.

The full range of limit for temps in the core are unknown at this time. It is given a Tcase at 72.6 C but for the inner core we don't know. At this time you should try to stay under 70 C under load.
To check your temps you can use core temp, real temp, or speedfan.

At the time many people will tell you different programs for stress testing. I myself have been using Prim 95 and IBT. However the best test is gaming its self, but you always want to run a stress test before gaming to make sure that you are not going to crash out right away.

Hope this Helps getting you started with your journey and enjoy.
If anything that I have said here is wrong information please send me a private message so i can correct it.
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  1. Thank you for sharing. Good information. Verifies what I have read elsewhere to limit the voltage to 1.350 Volts.
  2. Welcome
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