Can anyone suggest a tutorial?

Hi all,
I will be assembling a PC for the first time, and consider myself a skilled novice. Can anybody point me in the direction of some good assembly tutorials or tips and hints. I will be constructing an AM3 system if that drastically changes your suggestion. My problem is that I can only find tutorials from 2007 or earlier. Any help would be great, thanks!!!!
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  1. What kind of tutorial are looking for?
    I'm sure that if you read the stickies on this forum you'll find some information. But assembling the computer is pretty easy, all the components go into one hole (or more, but then it doesn't matter) and in one way.
    I'd say that you actually check parts first, that's where people without experience (or with experience) get things wrong.
  2. google for it you will find lots of info and probably just what you need..:)
  3. Might be some in youtube for video tutorial
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