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I just bought a western digital elements 2TB hdd and cannot copy multiple/large files from my pc onto it. It's in NTFS format and says it come preformatted for windows xp, wista and 7 (I use 7 pro x64). When I it starts copying after a few seconds it freezes.
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  1. Try copying smaller folders. The USB 2.0 connection may not be able to handle what your throwing thru it.
  2. but I have mkv files @ >4gb plus I read that ntfs format should handle files that large
  3. What jockey is saying is try moving some small files first. There could be an issue with the drive or the USB cable.
  4. Yes, handling them is not the issue. The transfer rates may be bogging you down. Also, Win7 tends to show an initial transfer time much greater than the actual time. I often see estimated times of, say, 2 hours, and actual time ends up 10-15 minutes. Didn't mean to say the 2.0 can't handle it, might slow it down a bit. If this is just a one time "bulk" transfer, you could set up 100g or so at a time when there is something else to do. Then just verify file sizes when done.
  5. smaller files upto 600mb I'm able to copy. So if like a got a thousand pictures I need to copy them in groups of 20 for example? or if i have a file say 4gb do I need to split it? thanks
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