How to change the colour of folders name?

:pfff: please tell me
when we copy a folder into my system, then the folder will copy but the name of folder is in green, so how may i change it ?
so please give a solution of this problem.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Right click the folder, go to Properties then see what Choose Picture, Change Icon or Restore Default does for you. One of them should help.

  2. give another solution please!
  3. sunil singh86 said:
    give another solution please!

    What? you want more?

    If the folder type is green it means the folder is compressed. However, you seem intent on changing the font color so...

    There was a post recently that addresses your concern. I did not write it nor did I test it. This is only a referral.


    Being a referral, no support will be given for the contents of said referral.

  4. Method>
    Right Click On Your Desktop>Click Properties,Click The 'Appearance' Tab.
    You Will Manage To Change Ur Font,Icon Size,The Windows Colour As Well,Take Your Time, If im Not Wrong There's Call FONT. You Can adjust The Size and the format of the text, But Im not sure you can Change the colour of the text Because im Using Windows 7 on my netbook nownow,and my Xp is on the other room 'Sleeping'.I replies to this as soon as possible when im on GAMING Mode. Catch Ya Next time.
  5. Sorry ! My Mistake ! i didn't saw the post Correctly!
    Mine is blue for a compressed file or folder. ><
  6. Quote:

    Folder name in green color means that the folder is encrypted using NTFS encryption


    Ok, that's it. No more decaf. From now on I'm having the real deal, nitro coffee, or Double Espresso. :sleep:

    @Swapnil99pro... Good catch.
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