Very loud, weird sound from cooler

Hey guys.

Recently installed a Q9450 and put my arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2 on it. I had it on an e6550 before tonight, and it was fine. Great cooling even at a 34% overclock of 3.2 ghz... never got above 48 degrees at any load, running any application, and quieter than my case fans.

So I applied new paste, mounted the heatsink, and put the fan on all as I did for my e6550. Started it up... and a very odd, loud, buzzing sound is now coming from my computer. I presume it is the fan and/or heatsink. Possibly I reversed the mount, meaning the screw that was on the left hand side when on my e6550 is now on the right? Would that actually make any difference?

I don't know what's going on, and I'm terrified. CPU fan is at 100 percent in control panel. Power setting is set to "high performance." Speedstep is disabled (actually I enabled it in BIOS to disable it... very odd), and the processor is checking out fine in windows and cpu-z.

Temps are (seemingly) normal, although I've yet to run any demanding application. Idling at 35 and 34 on all 4 cores, jumping to 37 when running multiple windows of IE with multiple videos. I don't want to run PRIME or a game until i get this sound figured out... as I will be overclocking, or at least hope to :(

I'm scared! :cry: What's wrong with my cooler?!?
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  1. Ha, nevermind. When I reinstalled the cooler, a 4 pin cable I wrapped around was being hit by the top case fan, and I didn't even see it. Wow I'm a dumbass.

    Anyway, lugnut... fixed it. Close this up whenever Tom's.

    And what's up! Got my used q9450 for 154 after shipping! Already OC'd to 3.5 1hr stable. Damn my pc owns for no money. F*ing... come at me bro!
  2. Damn...Cool your jets turbo.....Glad ya figured it out
  3. Patience, grasshopper.
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