Which memory speed to choose.

I'm planning to stock voltage overclock my i5-750 to around 3.3ghz. I have a hyper 212+.

Which memory speed to choose? 1600 or 1333?

I want to get this one, but is expensive.

I rather get this one, with a combo deal.

So would 1333 make much difference? I know technically speed wise wouldn't make much performance difference, but would it effect the overclocking? Like the 1:1 ratio?
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  1. I always think a memory ratio of 1:1 is more stable, but thats just my preference. I have no evidence to support.
  2. Maybe another option, is that you buy the 1333 and overclock to 1600, BUT could be dangerous for the RAM.
  3. Would 1333 be enough for 1:1 ratio? cause i really don't understand how you calculate it even after researching it.
  4. I don't mean to hijack - but how do I match RAM with CPU nowadays?
    I'm thinking to build a Core i5-750 too, OverClock not planned.

    From intel core i5-750- Processor Base Frequency 2.66 GHz
    Supported Memory: 1066/1333

    So...I don't even know what to ask,
    What ram should I get?

    Since the core i5 memory controller support dual channel
    I should get 2x DDR3 1333?
    So what are those 1600/1800 or 2133s for?
    Overclock? (that's assuming you overclock by up'ing the base frequency, right?)

    And for the i7-950, listed bus frequency 3.06 GHz
    It's triple channel supporting 800/1066
    How do they play together?

    Not to mention AMD phenoms...
    I'm lost and got no clue at all...
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