BIOS will not startup after overclock

okay so my games have been running slow the past few months but I decided to deal with it. only until today I decided to try and overclock so I can speed up my games. I don't know my way around this computer stuff (since I'm only 12) but I do know a few. I accessed my bios, entered the frequency settings and clocked the CPU to 200 mhz with 250 being the max. now when I reboot the PC nothing comes up. I mean nothing at all. I cannot do anything. please help
EDIT: reading up from places I read that resetting the CMOS will help fix it. I tried it and the PC finally showed some love after that but my keyboard remains unresponsive. the only text it shows (dates and bios versions aside) is pentium 4, 3.37 GHZ which used to be 2.66 GHZ. I do not want to clock it anymore I just want to revert it all to defaults
EDIT2: sigh, I decided to restart the computer hoping the keyboard will work but it went back to the black nothingness.
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  1. The issue you have is not the clock speed but the P4 itself - its really not up to driving current software or games. By changing BCLK you have overclocked both your CPU and RAM and that where its likely failiing.

    You should have a reset to default jumper on your mother board. When it boots up make sure everythig is back to stock - BCLK should be 133....check your documentation on that...

    Are you allowed on this site if you are 12?
  2. it's really hard to locate the jumper under all those wire but I'll see what I can find.

    and I'm no ordinary 12 year old? my dad doesn't know anything about computers so no use asking him.
    EDIT: any chance you may know where to find the jumper on a socket 775 motherboard :lol:
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