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i am having a number of problems with programs taking ages to load,even initial boot up takes hard drive has been partitioned to allow for a recovery program,but presumably the c: drive could be formatted,and the recovery program used to instal the operating system.alternatively would buying a new decent hard drive be a lot safer,and quicker!

eric johnston
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  1. have you checked for fragmentation? Viruses? Did it slow down recently or has it always been slow?

    What are your current system specs?
  2. I am currently running Kaspersky Internet security and Iolo System Mechanic,this program allows you to defragment your hard drive and also allows for re-alignment of programs.Fragmentation levels are normall very low,approximately 5-7% of total disk space what system specs are you particulary looking for? lastly,this is a fairly recent problem,although "not responding" messages have been occuring more frequently.
    Eric Johnston
  3. If the disk isn't responding you could have disk health issues. I'd look for software that can test that.

    You wanted to compare reformatting with buying a new HD. What is the existing HD, what processor/OS etc, would be helpful in making a recommendation. How old is it, anything else you can mention.
  4. I don't have a lot of info on the hard drive,this was a replacement to the original,it was free,as I have a maintainence contract! I not sure what help,if any, the following info will be MDT-MD16 00AAJS-00B4A SCSI DEVICE According to Belarc the S.M.A.R.T. status is healthy The Processor is the AMD Athlon-64. I have ran H.P's on diagnostic programme,and no faults with the drive are highlighted.The actual computer is approx,2-3 years old,although the hard drive is a lot newer.The O/S is windows vista 32 bit, hope this helps

    Eric Johnston
  5. when I google "MDT-MD16" I get a lot of references to an external HD. "00AAJS-00B4A" seems to be a SCSI device driver? Is this a SATA or SCSI HD?
  6. according to the device manager it's a scsi device,is that different from sata.when i spoke to pc world regarding installing a new hard drive i was assured that it was a sata,as they were now the norm for most computers.
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