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Hello, I'm using a MSi P55-SD50 motherboard, it has an oc genie chip on the board but no button and no BIOS option, is there anyway to access OC Genie?
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  1. check the manual! There should be an "OC" button on the board..otherwise you may need to install the necessary drivers using the cd that accompanied your motherboard
  2. I think that is software that comes with you motherboard. Check the disk that cam with it.
  3. As mentioned..check the disc that came with your motherboard..there may be an Overclock suite on the disk that will allow you to tune it from the OS...and use the "OC" Genie
  4. I checked the Disc that came with the motherboard today, it had nothing OC wise on the automatic setup program, but when I searched through the contents of the Disc I came across an application called


    Upon installing the software it told me

    "Can't be used with this motherboard"

    I've had other MSi software tell me they require an MSi motheboard to run, which is crazy considering I have an MSi motherboard AND a MSi Nvidia GTX 460...

    I've been doing a little more digging and it seems that this particular motherboard is sent to shops only and then after that if you need help you MUST go to the shop you bought it from as MSi provide zero support and don't even list it on their website...
  5. yeah..might be disabled by oem..or by the shop..
  6. Sounds like you have one of the "crippled" boards with a locked BIOS often sold to commercial builders to reduce support costs.
  7. Bingo! It's disabled...almost like buying a Dell...ughhh....anyway..you could look for a flash to unlock it..but its risky..i would recommend consulting them to see if there is a workaround, or just get another board
  8. I've read that it's identical to the P55-CD53, I wonder if I could use the CD53's BIOS somehow..

    The BIOS itself isn't locked from what I can see, I have OC'd it a little already, changed cpu clock to 155.
  9. i see..then there's a workaround...google it!
  10. I've googled the hell out of it, there is literally zero information regarding this particular motherboard.

    I read a review on the i7 870 and they OC'd it to 3.7ghz which is what I have now.

    They switched turbo off, changed all kinds of voltages and got to 3.7ghz

    I changed the cpu to 155 and got the same.
  11. ok great,,make sure you test for stability..and monitor your temps..if whats ur vcore @? how much voltage did u give the chip? did u only adjust the bsclk?
  12. I just followed the advice on here - http://techgage.com/article/overclocking_intels_core_i5-750_i7-870/3

    "The process of overclocking the i7-870 was pretty much the same as the i5-750. We first tried to achieve a high overclock using stock voltages, and thanks to the slightly higher multiplier here, we were able to get by with using a lower bus speed (173MHz vs. 155MHz). Not only that, but we managed to achieve a slightly higher overclock, as well... 3.72GHz!"

    I only have a stock cooler so I'm a little cautious of following the next steps about pushing towards 4ghz, but hopefully I can get a new cooler.
  13. yeah..monitor ur temps right now..and dont increase it higher until u get an aftermarket cooler
  14. Thanks for the help. :sol:
  15. no problem
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