SSD slow on bootup after a week?

I must be doing something wrong. I built my new computer with a 2500k on the crucil c300 128gb ssd card last week. At first, it was booting up in like 6 seconds.

I know there' settings in windows to change in order to prevent writing too much to the hard drive. That I've done...I think.

Already though, the ssd card seems to have slowed down drastically, already down to 30 secs. Is there other settings I need to do to keep this thing optimized?

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  1. A: What OS are you running? Anything before Windows 7, and we will not be surprised with this issue.

    B: What motherboard and how much memory do you have?

    C: Is your BIOS set to run the drives in AHCI mode, or in IDE mode which is probably the default?

    I'm driving at seeing if your OS can pass the TRIM command through to the drive. If not, we'll fish around for a SSD-conditioning utility.
  2. Sorry about that. I should have given more info.

    It's a win7 64 bit. I'm using a Asus p8p67 pro. I'm pretty sure it's set to ahci mode, but i'll have to check.

    I thought TRIM was automatic in win7?
  3. I may be wrong, but I think that it can't get through in IDE mode, and requires that the controller be in AHCI mode. You certainly have the right OS and board.

    Do you know if you have high activity on that drive? Are you by any chance swapping like crazy to a swapfile on the SSD? My personal choice is to put the swapfile on the SSD and use lots of memory to ensure that swapping doesn't happen, but others disagree.
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