Safe Temp for 260 GTX?

Prototype has been giving me some graphical problems and I'd like to find out if it's the game, or my card.

So what's a safe temp or range for my Geforce 260 GTX?

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  1. What kind of graphical problems?

    On most reviews I see, the idle temp should be around 53 degrees Celsius, and the load temp should be around 75.
  2. 53 is high for an idle temp...if you don't have things like aero spiking your card....actually your 260 gtx should lower its clock to a low power state....that keeps the temps up to 20c lower then even the lowest clock on evga precision

    Anyways....i wouldn't load the 260 gtx much past 60c though as thats where my card actually tops out....

    On another note why did you not google this...such a pointless reason to sit and ask questions you could spend 5 seconds in google to find out...
  3. ^+1 as much as I dont like rewindlabs I have to agree with him 100% on this one lol
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