Is this a good board for OCing Q6600?

I currently have an oem motherboard which does not allow me to OC my q6600. I'm on a tight budget since I also recently just bought a 5870 from newegg. Now I'm worried that my q6600 stock speed 2.4ghz will bottleneck the 5870. Should I buy this board for OCing? Or should I just save up and buy a mobo/cpu combo? Any suggestions?
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  1. Well, as with a million other threads, you're gonna be told to overclock your CPU. The Q6600 is an awesome Quad Core from back in the day and it can easily reach at least 3.0 GHz, which will put you in a much better position to run that particular GPU. Just search for some overclocking info on your MoBo to get that done.

  2. It's a not bad motherboard. The biggest problem is that the G41 chipset is an economy chipset with a limited FSB frequency. You will not be able to push the FSB past about 350 - 360 MHz limiting your potential overclock to no more than 3.2 - 3.3 MHz.

    I have a couple of G41M-ES2L boards that I really like, but I am unfamiliar with the tradeoffs that a combo board using either DDR2 or DDR3 RAM has.

    Most Q6600's will run at 3.0 GHz with little or no voltage increase with the stock cooler.

    I suggest that you go ahead and install the 5870 in your present system to see how well it works. If it is "adequate", save your money for an AMD BE or i5-K system.
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