Will the memory oh the physix card be used

I want to use two 9800gt on 790x motherboard. One serves as physix and the other serves as GPU. I bordered that whether the 512m memory on the physix one will be also used by the GPU?

Motherboard: MP AKX EXTREME 790x
CPU: Phenom II x4 B50 @ 3.255g
Memory: Nvidia SLI ddr2 1066 1G x 2
Seagate: 250G sata2
PSU: 2theMax GPX 600
Dispaly card: 2 x Nvidia 9800gt 512m
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  1. The 8800 / 9800 are often recommended as good PhysX card's but wiuth games which really use PhysX, you may want more "oomph" in ya primary vid cards.

    Look at the frame rates here:


    Of course it will depend on your resolution.

    I'm not up on the 9800's capabilities. In the meantime, you can check over in the SLIzone forums over on the nVidia site.
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