Case fan controller software?

Does anyone know a good app that you case use to control the speed of your case fans? Also my fans are connected only via molex so dunno how u could control it via software. Is there control on the actual fans?
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  1. You would need to install a fan controller to do that. There's no way you can control case fans connected directly to molex plugs via software.
  2. Since you are connecting directly to your power supply you will need a case fan controller which can fit into an available drive bay or a slot on the rear panel of your pc. Here's a link to a web page with a large variety of fan controllers:

    With the fan controllers there is no need for any software. Sometimes software utility programs are used to control fans that are connected to a motherboard. You may want to explore that option if it is available to you.
  3. I wouldn't think this is entirely true. To be clear, it seems to me that if one utilized the 3pin power connector and connected directly to the motherboard that this could possibly be controlled on the software side in real time through the mobo.

    I'm currently looking into this option. It seems like it should work in theory. Might need specific software from your motherboard vendor though. :X
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