My SLI Temps; Your Opinion?

Do you think my temperatures are too hot?

Some Facts:

- BFG GTX 280 OCX Graphics Card
- Asus P6T Motherboard: I dont have the luxury of having space between them, so they are stacked next to eachother.
- Air Cooling with Antec 1200 Case. If you are familiar with the case setup, the three hard drive bay fans are all on. I also have the extra fan in one of the hard drive bays to blow air faster/colder into the two cards. It right next to them. I also have the fan on the side window blowing directly on to them.
- Cable management is great, in my opinion. Every cable goes behind the motherboard tray (as it should with the Antec 1200).
- The card on top is the hotter one, as it should be since the heat coming off the bottom card's large metal covering/heatsink is what the top card intakes.


Idle - Top: 51 C Bottom: 45 C
Load - Top: 86 C Bottom: 77 C
Highest Recorded: Top: 88 C Bottom: 82 C

And of course, as soon as I exit out of anything that is causing either of the cards to reach high temperatures, they immediately drop down to 50/60C, and over a much longer time eventually they reach idle temperatures.

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  1. 80-90º is average
    115º is threshhold
    127º burnout

    Remove the dust from the fan. Reapply thermal paste.
    Regulate the fan with Rivatuner.
  2. Id like to add that everything in the computer is not older then 2 weeks. Its brand new.

    Which fan are you talking about? The fans in the two video cards? or the two 120mm fans directly infront of and on the side of the two video cards?
  3. if they are brand new ignore the dust, applying new paste wont hurt if your comfortable with that. regulating the fans is the easiest especially if you aren't anal about noise. pump up the fan speed and keep your cards running a tad cooler that way.
  4. Try the EVGA Precision tool, it will allow you to set your graphic card fans to different speeds.
    My rule of cooling: Run the fan/s as fast as you can without causing you to bleed at the ears.
    And yes, it will shorten the life of the fans, but you did register with BFG to get the full warranty, did n't you?;)
  5. coozie7 - That def helped. Problem is, they are very loud at 100%. I am having trouble setting the default value. Currently it is at 40%, but when I turn off Auto and move the slider, then hit apply, it changes the fan to that percent. When I turn Auto back on and hit apply it goes back to the default of 40%. Is it possible to change the default from 40%?
  6. Sorry, can't help there, my old card is beyond help from EVGA Precision:(
    I suggest reading the readme that should have come with the software or checking its help files, anything else I type will be guesswork.
    I have heard those at 100%, I'm surprised you can hear to type!
    Try setting them to the point where the noise is more tolerable and running Furmark (google it) in stress test mode. Trust me, there no tougher test of a graphics system, but do not leave it running unattended, keep an eye on the temperatures.
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