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I have decided to get an after market cooler for my cpu. I got my pc about a month back, Phenom II X4 965 BE processor, Asus M4A89GTD Pro Mobo, Cooler Master Elite 360 Cabinet, xFx aTi Radeon 5670, 4 GB of RAM, 22" Samsung monitor....

I am thinking of getting the Cooler Master GeminiII S Cooler. It's quite expensive, about $45 in my country...So I want to know if the Cooler can be fit into my case, Will I be able to see a considerable difference in temperatures after fitting the cooler? Is the cooler worth it?? And what about thermal paste? Does it come pre-applied or should I apply it before fitting? I don't know how to fit it, I may call a computer mechanic. Kindly tell me if this cooler is a good choice or not.

P.S I am not planning to get the cooler Master Hyper 212+ because I heard that it doesn't fit my cabinet....
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  1. If you put this computer together you can install a HSF... your the computer mechanic...yeah thats a pretty slim case...

    I found this one its kinda low profile


    and this one


    they should cool it well, as long as your not OCing
  2. Could use a H50 liquid cooling.Only $20 more and it doesn't use up a lot of space at all.Just mount the radiator on a 120mm fan slot.
  3. :D I didn't wanna sound like a fanboy but yes the H50 would be perfect in this situation
  4. i wouldn't recommend the H50
    the gemini s is a great low profile cooler
  5. The H50 IS a bit expensive for it's performance but it doesn't take up much space and in this situation if a Hyper 212 can't fit in your case then you should consider something that takes up less space like a liquid cooler.
  6. the reason i don't recommend the H50 is because it's more expensive and doesn't perform as well as high end air cooling
    another suggestion is the Scythe Zipang 2
  7. performs better than Air Cooler he can fit in that case thats for sure....you can usually find the H50 on sell for $60 at bestbuy...I think newegg has'em for $72...No one ever ask but, Do you plan to OC? If not, IMO this one fits the bill if you just have to have an aftermarket cooler:

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6835185129

    Stock cooler works decently if your not OCing
  8. 1.} You will usually see a 5c-15c drop depending on which cooler
    2.}OCing yes Aftermarket HSF worth it...No OCing probably not so much
    3.}Thermal Paste usually comes pre-applied on most HSF
    4.}The Gemini will fit I think its 4.6" tall and the case is 5.1" wide it'll be tight...that only leaves a 1/2" ....So????
  9. Thanks you guyz for your replies.....I don't think I'll get the H50, it's too complicated, expensive and not such a flabbergasting performer either...So I'd mostly go with the Cooler Master GeminiIIS .....
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