Aftermarket cooler for am3 processors

I have done quite a bit of searching, and it seems that there are few coolers for an AM3 processor.
I'm going to be purchasing this processor ( and would like to know what aftermarket cooler I could get for it.

Also, I've heard that a cooler for an AM2+ processor will work for AM3, as well. Is this true?

What would you suggest for this processor?
I would prefer something that is $55 and under.
I'm also worried about a processor fitting on my motherboard, and inside of the case I will be purchasing.

The case dimensions are 19'' x 7.8'' x 16.9''
The motherboard is a MA790GP-UD4H. (

Anyways, I would appreciate the help.
I plan on overclocking my processor If I can, and would like something to keep it cool.
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  1. AM2 coolers would work with AM3. There are no changes in the retention brackets unlike Intel has done with the nehalem.

    If you're planning to OC, why don't you opt with the 550 BE instead of a 545?
  2. Price is a major factor.
    I mean, it may only be $20 more, but that's a bit now.

    Unless I can find a cheaper, but still good cooler, then I can upgrade.

    Any idea as to what cooler would be good, and lower in price a bit?
    Will the stock for the cpu do a decent enough job at cooling?
    I'm thinking about this as well:
  3. I would still suggest buying the 550 over 545 plus a cooler. I would prefer a faster CPU than a OCing a slower one + aftermarket cooler. If you want, you can mildly OC the 550 with stock cooler but that isn't recommended though.
  4. I think I'm going to go with the 550BE and this cooler, it seems to be decent enough.

    Thanks for your help.

    There's also a combo with the 550BE and a Vapor-X 4890, instead of the 545 and Vapor-X 4870 I was going to go with.
  5. Would you happen to have any idea on how it fits in a computer case?
    Like, how it fits over everything, does it cover any RAM slots or anything?
  6. Get a Core Contact Freezer:
    $25 after MIR
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