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RAID 0 vs 1 SSD?

Which would be better, faster or your choice:
RAID 0 with 2 640 Caviar Black 64MB 6.0.
1 SSD and a 1 TB Caviar Black

Please give some recommendations on which you prefer and why. I have only run one drive in any of my machines before. Im gonna build a new one here soon and would like to give either RAID or a SSD a try. Kinda on a budget too. So Im not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciate.

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    Faster OS: 1 SSD with your OS, and the other drive with your data.
    Faster massive file editing: Two Caviar Blacks in Raid 0
    Better: Depends on what you want to do and what your priorities are, plus your backup strategy and how much work you can afford to losw.

    For faster OS, the SSD is going to be faster than the Raid 0, and a lot less work.
    If you work with huge amounts of data, like video editing, your limiting factor will be how fast your data drive is, and the Raid 0 will serve you better (actually, raising memory to 8 GB or more may serve you even better).

    RAID 0 is twice as vulnerable to drive failures and much harder to recover data from than a single failed hard drive, so I advise against using it unless you do regular backups.

    Now the easy question: my choice. I run Win7 on an SSD with large spinning magnetic platters for my data.
  2. Windows 7 on my SSD ( OCZ Vertex 2 120GB ) and 2 x 640 Blacks not in RAID for redundant backup is what I run. The SSD repaced the 640 Blacks in RAID 0 for my OS and is MUCH faster than the old RAID array for boot time and loading.
  3. Faster for what ?

    -Movie editing twin large drives in RAID

    -Gaming - RAID won't do squat
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