Are XFX good with warranties on ATI cards?

I have always been told that XFX have been excellent about honouring warranties on Nvidia cards that they sell under their brand, and while I have little reason to think so, being a cynic never hurts - has anyone ever had problems with XFX being miserly/assholes about dealing with warranties on ATI cards?
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  1. I heard ages ago that XFX were being *** **** for a mobo rma , but now its seems that XFX have sorted themselfs out

    warrenties on AMD XFX cards are the same, to show thier confendense in the product, however asus offers two years OVERCLOCKING FREINDLY wrrently might be worth looking it
  2. Got to love XFX's Double Lifetime Warranty on some cards....... :pt1cable:

    Never dealt with XFX for a warranty but just saw that on Newegg and found it funny.
  3. Basically, if you sell that card, the person you sell it to is covered by the warentee. Great for those of us who sell their cards when done with them, as it increases value.

    I would never buy "Open Box" except from a XFX product, thanks to that warentee.
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