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I recently bought a new monitor for my ACer Aspire M3640 desktop PC which has an HDMI output. When Try to connect the new monitor to the HDMI lead I get "No signal". I am using the monitor on the analog D Sub connection fine but I would like to use the HDMI if possible. The HDMI out put is not on the Video Card but seems to be on the motherboard.

Any ideas please.
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  1. The HDMI out on the motherboard is probably for sound. To get HDMI video, you need to use a DVI -> HDMI converter for your Graphics Card.
  2. Thanks! I've placed an online order for a DVI to HDMI cable this afternoon. :)
  3. Actually I have found on some MB's that when it comes to integrated HDMI using nVidia chips you have to either enable it through physical switches in between the CPU and HDMI-port, or enter the BIOS setup utility and enable it there. Then again my experience is largely based on home-brew/small OEM setups and not pre-built ones like Acer.
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