New to watercooling? READ HERE FIRST!

Hi Tom's users and welcome to our forum and Water Cooling section.

1- Are you tired of don't have enough space inside your case?
2- Does your case don't support high end air coolers?
3- Did you hear sometime about water cooling rigs?
4- What are the best components for me and my budget?

If those question comes to your mind, then, you are in the right place to solve all those with the best possible quality, price and performance for your.

The first thing that you need keep in mind is this:

Picture source:

That picture and mostly, the words inside it will be our "law" from here and while your use WC rigs.

Before post your question or ask for advice, take a look of the following thread:

New to watercooling? READ HERE FIRST!

A great article that can give you a lot of information to start with your WC rig.

Now, if after read the article you still have questions feel free to create a thread with your question(s).

I hope that you enjoy your WC build process and the final results that you will get with it and remember: Spilling water doesn't kill hardware.

See your around ;)
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  1. Excellent. I will work on updating this sticky with some more current information, a little more organization and some additional concepts that have evolved in the last year or so. I have asked for the input on the other thread/poll for ideas that others wish to have posted as our representative 'sticky'.
  2. This topic has been desticky in top of the forum by SAINT19
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