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Hi, sorry to ask such a dumb question but it has been a long time (very) since I have built a system. I was looking for something with onboard graphics and was looking at an Asus board with nvidia GeForce 720D chipset. However last time I built a system I could find out all about graphics memory and performance of the onboard graphics. The Asus/Nvidia specs only talk about supported processors, bus specs, SATA/PATA support, bios options..... etc, no mention of graphics or graphics performance.

So, I suppose in short, my question is are these really onboard grahics controllers or mearly a 'chip set' in the true sense of the word. I am being confused because of the Nvidia brand?

Many thanks to anyone taking the time to answer.
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  1. Having the Nvidia chipset usually implies the ability to use SLI graphics. If the 720D chipset has graphics it should say so. You can look at boards and all features at many websites including, select a board then select specifications.
    From my search I found two versions and neither had onboard video.
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