How to repair winodws xp which did not boot after updating the bios of gigabyte


I am having a Gigbyte M/B GA-965P-DQ6 Rev 3.3 which was working nicely with bios F11 updated some years back.

Yesterday, I saw on Gigabyte web site the new BIOS F13 and downloaded the same on my hard disk and using @ Bios software, I flashed the new Bios and when restarted, my O/S failed to boot up and gave a msg , ' Safe loading', 'Command Prompt' or use the last good one
Even after opting any of the above choice, still the o/s failed to boot.
Pleae let me know how to correct and get back my operating system. By the way I am on Windows Xp -32 bit and up to date updated upto SP3.

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  1. Check the hard drive controller settings in bios.
    I suspect sata controller changed from previous settings, also if multiple harddrives reselect the boot drive.
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