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I am converting my internal HDD (Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C 1TB) to an external drive because of the viscious vibrations its making in the case. I've ran temperature checks and error checks, everything. But nothing has been found. There are no obvious problems when using the computer as it performs as I would expect (for 7200rpm with 32mb cache). So I've bought the things I need to convert it. Please tell me if these are all I need.

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  1. The Ice Box is designed to store or transport drives but NOT to operate them. It is made from plastic which will trap the heat and overheat the drive.

    you do not need any of the item listed.

    you are better of buying this case:
  2. Damn, I already bought the cables to run it outside the case. Would it then be okay to just put the HDD on an anti-static bag externally?
  3. Umm, if it's vibrating that much it may be failing. Back it up. Unless you can afford to lose what's on it, replace it.
  4. Well, it's still under warranty for another 3 years because I recently bought it and it was brand new! It does make a slight grinding sound but only when accessing files. I remember the old IDE drives doing the same and they lasted for years. Temperatures are also normal.
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