What happens if I use 2 different latencies

I have 2 gb of OCZ Platinum Revision 2, pc2-6400. When I get Win 7 and use the 64bit OS I may want to get 2 more gigs of memory. As long as I stick with pc2-6400, what are the consequences if I get memory with different latencies? Would there be a NOTICEABLE difference in performance? Would it harm my system in any way?

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  1. For the best results you can manually set the parameters for memory to match the weaker chip's specifications.
    Since they're both pc2-6400 the difference would most likely only be visible in a program designed to measure bandwidth and highly unlikely you would notice it.
    It will be noticeable going to 4 gigs in any programs able to address the additional memory.
    The most relevant issue you might want to Match is the voltage of the chips by the manufacturers listing.
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