ReadyBoost USB Drive on Win 7x64

Hi Guys,

I need some ideas on how best to utilize my readyboost usb drive.

I'm running a 2600k system with 8GB 1600/C7 ram.
Have 4 HDDs with the load spread over them.

Now I have a few options for the usb flash disk

1) ReadyBoost
2) Temp Drive (temp/internet temp files)
3) Moving files between PCs, toothpick, paint scraper, etc.

While option 3 is not really the one for me I was wandering if there is any need for a readyboost on my setup (i'm guessing not really) and if the temp drive idea will work.

I benched my HDD and the disk and got following results.
Min/Max/Avg Speed (MB/s): 50/105/80
Seek Time: 16.7 ms
Burst Speed: 116MB/s

Mem Stick:
Min/Max/Avg Speed (MB/s): 23/25/24
Seek Time: 0.4 ms
Burst Speed: 25MB/s

So the flash drives should work a lot better for many small files which usually make up most temp directories, however if I try and unzip a 300MB download on the flash drive the world will most likely explode.

Any help suggestions appreciated.

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  1. "3) Moving files between PCs, toothpick, paint scraper, etc. "

    You lost me a bit there.

    I have an older, slower system than you (not bad though - i5 750 / 4GB ram) and I find little or no delay on internet browsing, etc. Loading some big apps (starting games, etc) takes a moderate but reasonable amount of time. So I'm not sure that readyboost or temp internet files on a thumb drive will even help that much.
  2. Sorry #3 was supposed to be a joke indicating that there is no real use for the readyboosy or temp files.
  3. Ah. Earth humor. Arr Arrr arrr.
  4. @GTVR, LoL. Love the Galaxy Quest response!
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