SSD Or Graphics Card?

A slight problem, mainly in judgement, but I do not know what to buy, I am stuck between buying a 160GB SSD and using my 1tb sata HDD as storage, I'll then have enough money left over to buy a 6850 graphics card to add to my system, with plans to crossfire in the future.
The second option is purchasing 2x6850 for crossfire and then three 24 inch monitors.
There is a third possibility, which is getting a job and then upgrading all the components, but since I am 16, doing my A-levels and am extremely lazy, I doubt this to be much an option, unless someone can find a job that pays 10 pound an hour. Oh, no? I thought not. :kaola:

So yes, those are the options I am currently contemplating.
Any input is appreciated, my current specs are;
35 inch HD television running at a native res of around 1360*768?
ATI5770 1gb
Amd 1090T @ 3.2ghz
6gb ram
and a 7200rpm 1tb SATA HDD.
Many thanks
~NoCanDo :bounce:
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  1. Your 5770 is plenty for 1360X768. Unless you are going to get higher resolution monitors, you don't need to upgrade your video card.
  2. Since I'm on a Red Forman kick today, how about go mow the lawn & make some money that way? 16 years old, thousand bucks to spend on gaming gear, not bad.

    Maybe put some away for college?

    /dad mode

    video cards are probably more important for gaming than SSDs.
  3. I am planning in the near future to upgrade to run three 24 inch monitors, each at 19xx*12xx resolution, it's going to be for gaming mostly, I just want to keep ahead of the curve.
    Hahah, I'm already in college, although I'm assuming you're from America, which would also mean that the college equivalent is university and since the costs have gone up for that saving money would be a good idea, which is why I want to upgrade my computer so it'll last me for quite some time. I am currently inclined to buy 2x6850 and a 128GB SSD then when i get around £500 purchase three 24 inch monitors and then leave my PC alone for a few years.

    Unless you want your lawn to be cut like nick noelty's hair I doubt anyone is going to pay me for that. But yes, thanks for the advice. :)
  4. NoCanDo said:
    and am extremely lazy, I doubt this to be much an option, unless someone can find a job that pays 10 pound an hour. Oh, no? I thought not. :kaola:

    Should be easy if you've spent the last 2 years of your freetime programming in Java and trying out web design/administration, and live near London :p

    Seriously though, running EyeFinity at that resolution and with good graphics settings is gonna require some serious hardware. 2x6850 wouldn't cut it for too long I'm afraid and you'd end up burning money keeping your system up to date in a few years. Read these:

    I'd say get a good 24" (or even 27") screen, buy a 6850/6870 and consider a 64GB SSD if you really want it now as new models will come out... however the performance of those might not be at its best with your system (SATA II only?) but the price of previous generation's models should be sweet, at least I hope so!

    Also, it helps if you tell us more what you do with the puter and what you want from it. Are you a hard core FPS zealot? Or are you drawn to things like MMOs, web forums, video editing etc? Do you actually use the puter to learn something useful so you can get a good degree and a decent job and so on? ;)
  5. SSD's will have no benifit to games. NONE. A second videocard will have a huge (~70-90% increase) benifit in games. I had the same decision a few months ago and went with a second GTX470. made a huge difference. My work computer just got upgraded to an i7 with a Corsair 120GB SSD...other than a few programs...and windows "popping" faster...nothing for games or in program speed.
  6. Given that you are gaming - choose the second option.
    It pains me to not tell you to get an SSD, but here it isn't the best choice.
    For most non-gamers though, an SSD is the best way to boost PC performance.
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