How to OC a SAPPHIRE 5770 Vapor-X?

I just put together a new build and used a 5770 Vapor-X GPU. I chose this one because everything I read said it overclocked well. So, how exactly do I overclock it? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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  1. I used the OCer in the CCC and maxed out both sliders. So that gives me 960/1445. Are those good enough? Is it worth it to use a different OC software?
  2. use Msi Afterburner. is your OC stable? i would imagine with 1445 on the mem. you would get grey screens after a bit. have you tested the OC with games yet?

    also have you checked your temperatures to make sure its not overheating, just leave afterburner open when you game and check it later to see your max temps
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    The CCC Overdrive panel is good enough for "average" overclockers. The overclocking bounds aren't unreasonable, anyway. Did you benchmark your overclock? Try running 3dmark or Crysis benchmarks on it. Furmark is an insane tool for beating the crap out of your GPU, so if you want, try that too.
  4. Yeah, it didn't pass furmark at those settings. I had to drop it back to 950/1350, but that runs furmark fine.
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