1920 x 1200 vs 32 inch 1080p lcd tv??

i currently have a gatway 24 inch montitor that is at 1920 by 1200. i want a bigger display but i dont want to spend the ammount of money for a 30 inch montior. would i tell a big difference in going to a 32 inch lcd 1920 by 1080? will my colors be as sharp too?
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  1. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  2. 1: What games do you play?

    2: The 32-inch will look worse because of several reasons.

    Reasons are

    A: With the bigger tv having less pixels, the video will look much blurrier.

    B: The refreshing Hz is usually 60 and its divided into 2 which is only 30Hz refresh rate. There is a reason, but i can't remember it anymore. The fast movements in games are look blurry.

    C: Some TV's don't support Dvi which is bad, because headset is always better if have a good one. Most GFX don't support HDMI.

    D: The one is the response time and when you look from close by I'd say the screen flashes are noticeable.

    E: wait for the 2880x900 43 inch monitors to reduce to 1000-2000 bucks and buy one of those.
  3. I would also look at OSHA standards, staring at a 30" display on your computer table from1 foot away might bring on health issues.
  4. ASUS VH262H is a 22" monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. It would be much better than the 32" with same resolution.
    Correct VH262H as VH226H
  5. he has a 24 inch already lol
  6. Yeah.. i've read that.. I'm saying that with same resolution, small sized screen would give more perfection..
  7. the games on my pc looked great on my pioneer 60 inch elite today. so a 32 should look good then. i am just worried about everyday desktop computing.
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