Corrupted partition. How to recover it?

My HDD is split in two partitions. I got OS on both of them. I wanted to increase the size of the first partition by shrinking the second one and then extending the first one.

I couldn't do it in win7 inbuilt disk management.
So I downloaded EASEUS Partition Master 6.5.2 Home Edition. After applying changes, it asked to reboot.

Then there was this processes bar, after about 15 minutes it froze, nothing happened, waited like 10 more minutes, nothing. I knew restarting computer at this point could mess things up, but i did it anyways because there was nothing else left to do.

Then I couldn't access the second partition, it said that its ether damaged or corrupted or something like that. I run EASEUS Partition Master again and did what I did before.
This time it didn't freeze.
Both partitions were resized the way I wanted and now I can open the second partition in windows explorer, but most of the files/folders are corrupted or unreadable. And I can't boot from the second partition.

I restarted the computer, then chkdsk said its gonna do something and then it said it was "Deleting orphan file record segment". I waited about 40 minutes, and restarted the computer.

Is there any way to recover the files from the second partition and should I wait till chkdsk completes it's thing?
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  1. There are quite a few free programs out there that will read through a corrupt, erased, or reformatted partition and try to recover files. Would someone else please attach a list, or riniks92 can search the forums for "drive recovery."

    BUT: Stop doing repartitions and chkdsks and anything else that might write to the disk. The more activity on that partition, the less chance that it can ever be recovered.
  2. you have mentioned that you had resized the two partitions and then the second one crashed. Well, could you tell me what the states are when you start the computer from the first partition? I will see if i can give you some advice for i am using the product for a long time.
  3. There is nice open source utility that can recover partitions for you. Take a look at:

    Be sure to read documentation before continuing. Wish you luck.
  4. I got this NTFS Mechanic which actually found all the files and folders that were damaged but to recover them I have to register it which costs around 90 bucks and I can't afford it.
    At least I know it's possible to recover.

    I'm gonna try that TestDisk.
    Just in case if it doesn't work, can you recommend some other freeware alternatives?
    It's gotta work on win7 64bit.

    TestDisk is rather complicated. I'd be glad if you would recommend something more simple to use like NTFS Mechanic.
  5. easuse partition manager worked well with my windows seven pc, in fact. as for me, i'm always used to do error-checkig and degrament before any program runnig. it seems that the program is a read-only one, if right, the data may be recovered.
    good luck
  6. The process of resizing partitions can be dangerous. I had an experience where my laptop got too hot and went into an override shutdown during the resizing process (next time I put it up on a mesh riser and took out the battery and put a fan on it). Needless to say the operating system was entirely corrupted. I was able to plug the drive in later and easily access the data. Resizing a partition can take a long time depending on the health of your hard drive and how many bad sectors it has. The bar probably froze because it ran into bad sectors and it was repairing or working around them. The process should be quick on a healthy drive (if I remember correctly). Sometimes programs call a drive healthy because they have not been running them long enough to detect problems. Hard drives are a mechanical device that sometimes just require a little finesse, some determination, a good understanding of how it all works, (and most importantly patience) to get that precious data back. I am in that process now which is why I'm here. One thing I'd like to mention is that sometimes these processes can take hours depending on your hardware configs and specs. To get antsy after just 10 minutes of doing a hard disk operation that spans potentially across several terabytes is not a great approach. I am currently recovering a small 250GB hdd and it has already been an hour (Acronis Disk Director is performing a "fast manual recovery" and this would take a lot longer if I did a complete recovery which I may have to do still). Now if you have a powerhouse machine it should take a lot less time depending on how much of the process depends on CPU cycles. I am using a 2.4GHz CPU on a machine with a 2.0 Windows Experience Index. Even on a faster machine the process is limited to the potential of the disk drive itself. Use EaseuUS Data Recovery Wizard Registered version. I'm sure other programs would work but thats what I am using and it seems to be working. Remaining time 1hr 50min...
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