My monitor changes colors...gpu or monitor problem?

OK, it may not change colors but it does make them look different. They're not so vibrant. They're dull and, well, different. This happens after I use it for some time.

It's a Viewsonic 1912w by the way. I don't think it's my gpu overheating, because it happens even when I am not gaming. Besides, I would see artifacts not changes in hue, right? Can it be the monitor? Should I just wait for the winter to come (I am in the middle of a heat wave in Greece, right now, which means 37 Celcius) or change it?
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  1. It could be a very simple problem, like the cabe from the computer to the monitor is not connected properly. Try tightening the screws on both ends. if that doesnt work, I dont know what will.
  2. Do you have spare components to find out what the problem is?

    For example - To test if its the video card, replace the current one with a old one and see if the problem still exists.
    Same with the monitor, replace the current one with a different one.
  3. I had already tried the cables; it didn't work. Besides, I didn't think it would since it just starts at some point without anything being moved.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any spare parts. My previous gpu died during last summer's heat wave (luckily it was under warranty) and my previous monitor is sitting with another pc in another house at a whole different part of Greece.

    I just want to know which is the most likely culprit.
  4. If you're using a digital cable, my guess would lean heavily towards your monitor failing after significant use (eg, heat). I'd still lean that way if you are using a VGA cable, same as you, but a little less so.

    Can you use a video game or something to drive that monitor for a couple of hours with your PC off? Then boot up and then quickly switch to PC use? If the symptoms return quickly, even more likely its the monitor.
  5. It's probably the monitor. I was playing Team Fortress 2 yesterday and it did it again. I turn the PC off and return a couple of hours later. This time every time I was waiting to respawn or the map was changing I was turning the monitor off. Once or twice I brought it close to a fan I have lying around so it can cool off. It didn't happen once, so it can't be the gpu (which, by the way, reached 102 degrees Celsius, but that's normal in that heat).

    I've had this monitor for two years (it's a 15-pin connection, btw, not DVI) and I don't remember if it had a 3-year or a 1-year warranty. We'll see.
  6. I had what may be a similar problem and it was the monitor. Mine was a crt however and it would occasionally shift into a different color tint at random every once in a while. Whacking it hard on the top or side would often make it either change the tint color or go back to normal.
  7. does it look like this

    ever since i installed windows 8, my pc does this every like 5 to 15 minutes into a game.... i think its a memory leak.

    and that image i took changes but is different colors when it happens, my gpu is creative i guess.. )=
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