NZXT Apollo Case - Front Fan installation

Theres a spot where I can add the 120mm fan but its unable to fit since some things are blocking. If anyone has installed this before on this exact case please post! Pictures can help too. I tried both sides btw. Is there anything I should unscrew or something? AHAHA :(

Red = in the way
Green = would fit if there wasn't any blocking.

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  1. By the way, talking about the front fan so ignore the other red lines etc.
    Location : Right side, bottom, front
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    I'm guessing this case has hard drive mounting cages that can be removed and re-installed. For example, the bottom right metal cage looks like you can remove it, install 2 or 3 hard drives in it, then re-install. That is how you gain access to the space between this cage and the front panel. I can't tell from the picture whether that space is large enough tor a 120 mm fan, or only an 80 mm or 92 mm. When mounted this way, the fan blows fresh air over your hard drives to cool them; the air then flows into the rest of the case, especially towards your two video cards.

    You may have to remove the front cover, also - the one that is blue with slots in it for air intake. This just gives you better access for turning screws into the fan corners to mount it. There may also be a place in there for a foam air filter that should be mounted on the fan intake side, between the metal front panel and the plastic outer piece . This filter should be removed and cleaned from time to time.
  3. I found out how to get in there.

    Front 12CM Fan Installation

    The Apollo allows one 120mm to be installed at the front of the case, in order to install the fan, please follow these instructions.


    Remove the front panel by pulling from the opening at the bottom of the case.

    Remove the left side panel by unscrewing the two thumbscrews at the rear of the case.

    Remove the Hard Drive cage by unscrewing first the two screws to the left of the cage, and then the two screws located at the bottom of the case. ( Figure 1 & 2 )

    After removing the cage, install the 120mm.

    THE WHOLE FRONT PANEL COMES OFF. I expected the bottom piece but the whole thing came off lol Thanks for your help
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