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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping for a bit of current old system consists of a 120 Gb IDE drive. The system I am building is SATA. Can anyone suggest any ways for me to move big amounts of data between systems? I actually have a small collection of old IDE drives from past systems and I'd like to cull thru these and pull off anything I want and dump it onto my new 1 TB SATA drive. I do not have these setup on any sort of a network. Ideally I'd like to put one of the IDE drives in an external case and move that between systems. Anyway I can easily connect an IDE drive to my new SATA system?

Was thinking of thumb drives but the only ones I have are 2 gb each..would take forever...
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    Simplest (and fastest) solution: Your new motherboard also has an IDE controller. Then take each old drive, one at a time, put it inside the new case attached to the IDE controller, boot up, and voila! You can access the old drive as a source and new drive to copy to.
    So, what mobo do you have?

    Next simplest (slow): Buy a dongle like this: and copy the drives one-at-a time by attaching them externally and copying the files. I don't see a need to use an external case if you are only going to copy ONCE and then not use the old IDE drives again.
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  3. Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question so thoroughly. I never knew a dongle like that existed! I particularly like the no external case deal. Yes these drives contain valuable work, but after I pull the data onto the new 1 TB drive, I'm wiping them and giving a few to my friend who is building his own experimental box "on the cheap".

    My new motherboard is the Asus Sabertooth X58. I didn't see any IDE connection on there. Am I missing something? Here's the manual. unless they are talking about using the SATA port as an IDE, but what about the obvious difference in adapters?
  4. Sorry..cant get the link to the manual to show up.
  5. Nah - I meant IF your new mobo has an IDE controller. Didn't mean that I knew that it does.
  6. Ohhh OK, so I'm pretty much stuck with the dongle thing then right?
  7. Yep.
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