Bios settings for IDE mb to SATA DVD?

Hi there. I'm a first time PC builder.

I'm trying to connect at SATA DVD to the IDE conector on the motherboard.

I have a dynamode bidirectional converter which I have plugged into the motherboard IDE socket

I have plugged the power cable to a USB connector on the motherboard (cable supplied with converted) The converted now has power

I have connected the SATA data cable from the converter to the DVD (cable supplied)

I have connected a SATA power cable to the DVD drive.

I have fiddled around with various BIOS settings and although the drive has power it will not read any DVD from BIOS.

I've now reset to bios default settings, and the message I get on startup is

Primary Master Drive ATAPI Incompatable

Any ideas?
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  1. 1: Re "Primary Master Drive ATAPI Incompatable", your system is probably trying to boot from the DVD player.

    2: It is entirely possible that either the converter or the DVD reader is broken, or simply worthless. Do you know anyone who has used that converter successfully.

    3: What's the motherboard? Does it support SATA and you have run out of ports? Does it support only IDE? That's a fairly odd thing to be trying to do; I'm sure that you have a good reason, but I can't see it.

    4: 16 buck IDE DVD burner:

    Postscript: Is this the device that you have:
    It does indeed have both SATA and IDE connectors, but the USB is not for power. It connects one drive, either SATA or IDE, to USB. That's the closest product I could find on the Dynamode site, but I could be wrong (it happens fairly frequently).
  2. PPS - If I was right about which product that is, disconnect the cable from the motherboard to the adapter but leave it connected to the DVD drive. If being connected to a controller where it expected a drive hasn't fried it, you'll see the DVD drive via USB.
  3. Hi

    Thanks for the reply.

    1) Thanks - I can provide more info as to what it is saying if you thing it will be of any assistance.

    2) The adapter is this: it came with no instructions and there are non to be found on their website.

    3) The board is MCP61M-M3. It's made by a company called Elitegroup. It has 4 SATA ports

    Reason I'm faffing around with this IDE rubbish is because 3 of them are inaccessible due to being covered by a huge GPU. I have my only available SATA port connected to my hdd.

    (This is my first build. When I ordered everything I thought I'd plug sata-sata hdd and sata-sata DVD with the minimum of fuss and still have spare ports if I wanted to add anything else)

    4) Yeah I did think of buying a IDE DVD burner, but if I can avoid snaking a huge IDE cable through my system then so much the better.

    Thanks very much for your reply. If you can think of anything else, or if you think that any more info I could provide would be useful just ask away and I'll post it.

  4. Btw, this is what I get for CMOS setup

    Primary IDE master : Not detected
    Primary IDE slave : Not detected
    SATA1 - : Hard Disc
    SATA 2,3,4 - Not dectected (nothing i plugged in due to lack of access)
  5. Just as an experiment, try connecting the DVD drive to the only accessible SATA port. Boot to BIOS. If it's seen, the problem is either in the mobo's IDE port (unlikely), or that (pardon my French) klugey adapter. If you have nerves of steel, or a spare drive, try connecting a known good hard drive to this thingy and see if A) the BIOS sees it, B) nothing happens, C) the drive is destroyed. This will help you identify which part of the assembly is at fault.

    If there's a few mm between the covered SATA sockets and the bottom edge of the graphics board, you could try to get a 90-degree SATA cable plugged in under the board with the cable going flat under the board. That would only work for one of the four. For illustration only:

    RMA the motherboard and get one with a better layout? Use a rounded IDE cable; some specialty makers to these for enthusiasts?

    That link is broken; it interpreted part of it as a smiley. Google "right-angle SATA."
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