Gigabyte ex58 ud3r horrible sound stuttering

Hello to everyone, what happens is that every time I play any game (specially with nfs: shift and mass effect), or sometimes movies, or audio, I have a horrible sound stuttering problem.

My rig:

i7 920 stock
gigabyte ex58 ud3r
6 gb corsair
xfx gtx 275
windows 7 ultimate 64

I have updated all drivers, like realtek sound to r2.35, nvidia drivers and bios to f7.

I've tried everything and I can not think it can be, except that I am occupying a hard drive that is 4 years old, a Western Digital 1600js.

someone can help or know any kind of solution???

thank you very much.

pd: sorry about my english, but im from chile.
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  1. First step is to verify where the problem originates - most 'drop-outs' are caused by excessive DPC (deferred procedure call) latency. Tool to verify DPC latencies is here:
    Explanation is here:
    See what you get, and report back...
  2. Hi thanks for your answer, ive ussing this program, and from what i read on another thread or forum, i deactivated high precision event on the bios, and now has been fluctuating from 14 to 1150 us, before this, was from 100 to 150 us.
  3. Yup - that's bad enought to plainly hear! First thing - latest BIOS (F8g):
    Next thing - DL a copy of Glary's QuickStartUp:
    run it, capture the screen, and post it - we'll go through waht's all running amok at startup, and weed out the obvious culprits; also, are you running a virtual manager? MS' own Virtual, Sun's VBox, or the like? Often, they install a ring0 networking component that can be trouble...
  4. Im already flash bios to F8g, and now here is my result:

    I have tested wathing a video, and stressing a little the cpu, and now there is no fluctuation greater than the one that appear on the picture.
  5. Ahh - the BIOS did it, often works that way, even with the older 775 based systems...
  6. Hi, thank for your answers, look i deactivated high precision event timer (HPET) from the bios, and this happens:

    Apparently, when you select load optimized defaults, this option (HPET) by default is 32 bits mode, maybe this was causing some of this weird things, cause im running windows 7 64.

    May i ask you a question, its possible that my old hard drive can be affecting this or contributing to this problems???

    And once again, thanks.
  7. Quote:
    May i ask you a question, its possible that my old hard drive can be affecting this or contributing to this problems???

    Entirely possible - I actually remember reading a comment by someone who had forgotten and left in an empty SATA cable (with no drive on the far end) who said this would trigger DPC problems, as well as people with loose or defective cables, both SATA data and power, causing the same...

    As for HPET, I've never run it at anything but 64 bit, and I've used that with both 32 and 64 bit OSs with no problems, but it'd be an easy experiment - just takes a reboot!
  8. In fact, now im corroborating this, and if i activated hpet, in any forms, this change or affect the result of the dpc latency checker.

    Anycase, im still having sound stuttering on nfs shift and mass effect, but on the movies or other watching youtube videos, is way low than before, so thanks.
  9. Have you installed the latest 'patches' to your games?

    There is a new patch, that seems to have a large number of fairly comprehensive fixes, for NFS, 'waiting in the wings', to be released any day now... List of contemplated fixes here:
  10. I already install the lastest patch for mass effect, and nothing happens, but im resigned and only enjoy the game itself.

    For shift, i install the lastest beta drivers of nvidia, and running from locked 60 fps, goes below 30. So when i can give it a time, ill try everything again with this game.

  11. Are you using the GSATA (the sata 3 controller for anything). If so don't. I have almost the same specs (diff vid card) and have the same problem. Apparently the solution is to not use those ports and disable them in our bios. Been a while hope the problems been fixed or at least you've moved on...
  12. Six months old! It must be getting closer to Easter (or Halloween! [:fixitbil:9] ) - the rate of 'resurrections' is going up [:bilbat:3] !!

    Now ya see here son, this is what we call a dead thread, it died as no one was interested or no one had info for it, or the author found the info and decided to let the thread die.

    So we buried it, gave it a funeral and let it lie in peace.

    Now what ya have done here is Necrothreaded it back into the living realm, disturbing its grave and its peace! Why boy, why? The poor thread has suffered enough! Let it rest!!
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