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I am new to overclocking and i was wonder if i can do it. i heard the cpu i have ( AMD Phenom II X4 840 ) can turn into a hexa core. i do not know this is true or not. but if any1 knows i would like to know. also wondering if its worth it and a general idea on how to overclock it. this is my computer

ASUS EVO 790x m4a79xtd

Antec psu 1000w (friend gave it to me

4gb ddr3 patriot 1333

AMD Phenom II X4 840

hyper 212( stocked died so i got this 1)

500gb samsung spinpoint f3

260gtx (freind gave it to me)

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  1. hello,
    unlocking to a hexcore is a low chance if not impossible on the 8XX series.
    They have just been starting so unlock 6-cores on the 9xx serious phenoms. You have a aftermarket cooler so i would say just increase the FSB up to what every you want as clock rate.
  2. Check the stickies like this for good OCing info

    That 840 will not unlock to a hexacore
  3. Also you should check with your motherboard. Asus have built in function in their motherboards for unlocking the additional 2 cores. But also you should check the revision of your processor. Good luck.
  4. ^ The OP has an X4 already...So, unlocking more cores is not an option for them...That CPU has to be OCed through the FSB...your multiplier is locked on that processor.
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