Athlon 2 x4 635 BSOD

hi there i am having a little of problem here :

first my system:
Athlon II x4 635 (With stock cooler)
MSI 785GM-E51
Ati SAPPHIRE 4670 1gb
Gigabyte 550W PSU

i tried to overclock it to 3.2GHZ it worked fine , but when i overclock it to 3.34 i get an BSOD just after 10-20 Sec of testing using AMD overdrive , the heat is not a problem beacuse it idles at 36c (overclocked) and when at full load it reaches to 60-61c after 24hrs of rendering in 3dsmax , i want more of the CPU cuz i have read around the net that they overclock it to 3,6ghz , i dont want to go to that high but at least i want it to be stable at 3.4GHZ or 3.350GHZ.

please advice

thanks for help
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  1. maybe up the voltage a tad idk what its at now...
  2. i tried but i didnt know wt to up as there is 4 voltages for CPU , i didnt want to mess with them as they might ruin my CPU or MOBO

    thanks for advice , but is there any more advice
  3. Have you lowered the RAM multiplier?
  4. tcfraz said:

    i have seen this page , and i did as it says , i overclocked me cpu to 3480mhz and raised the voltage to 1.440 and the Dram voltage to 1.67 , then i went to windows and tested it in AMD overdrive , it worked good for about 4 min but then windows did a fast restart of the PC and the MOBO didnt boot :cry: , i thought at first that i burnd the CPU or the MOBO until i reset the bios by removing the battery (shorting the pins of the cmos didnt fix it) the MOBO booted up again and i revert to stock clocks , i was so scared that i dont want to overclock right now.

    Have you lowered the RAM multiplier?

    yes i did as its written in the website

    anyway thanks for everyone helped me , and thanks for ur time friends, u have been a great help.
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