* GTX 295 vs. 2xGTX 275 SLI *

I am able to sell my EVGA GTX 295, and buy two MSI GTX 275 Twin Frozr OC for the same price.
Should I do it?
My main beef with the GTX 295 right now is that it's quite hot, the aftermarket HSF on the MSI 275's might help out with that even though I'll be running two cards. The GTX 275s will outperform GTX 295 at stock speeds, ever more so with the OC version.
What does everyone think?
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  1. Assuming you at least break even in this deal it is surely worth it.

    SLI 275's will beat a 295 in almost every situation.
  2. ^1+ yes in deed and so can two HD4890s :)

    I don't like MSI personaly, but since it should be a ref card don't worry about that, sinces it has a better cooler.

    personaly i don't trust msi anymore as they let me down so many times in the past :(
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