I am confused, what should my memory speed be?

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at first the ram speed was set to 200mhz (bios allows for setting 200-533 mhz range)in the bios, the fsb:dram was 1:2 (using cpuz), then i increased the ram speed to 333mhz in bios, and the fsb:ram changed to 3:5.

what should be my ram speed? what speed should i set it in the bios? i bought 4 gigs of corsair 1066 mhz ddr2 ram
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  1. If I did my math right, I believe the RAM speed right now is 1110 Mhz?. At any rate, why not manually change the FSB to RAM ratio? Right now, you are OCing the RAM a bit (again, if my math is right).
  2. For a standard DDR2 system the clocks are doubled.
    Setting 533 for ram clock times (2) happens internally, equals 1066 which is the maximum setting for many DDR2 boards.
    DDR2 x 200 = 400 mhz
    DDR2 x 333.3 = 667 mhz
    DDR2 x 400 = 800 mhz
    DDR2 x 533 = 1066 mhz for PC2 8500 chipps
  3. zipzoomflyhigh is right. it should be 1066, especially if your motherboard supports it. that should give you the most amount of bandwidth for your RAM. If ur just running it at anything lower than 533, then it will just be a bottleneck which will in turn slow down the overall performance of the system.
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