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I am having some trouble with this topic, and was hoping i could get some help.

I am trying to hook my xbox 360 up to my brothers HP media center PC. (i really need this to work so he will stop bugging me asking if he can play on my tv while i am 3d modeling.) I put an ATI radeon HD 2400 xt series card in his computer. Which has an HDMI input on it.

My first though was i will give him this card hook the xbox up to it and he will stop biggin me simple. I thought i will do it the way i did it on my older viao media center back in 05 or so. what i did then was the viao pc was a media center and had a TV tuner card in it with composite AV jacks in the front and back. i took the xbox composite av conectors and simply hooked them in. yellow to yellow red to red and so on. once hooked in i was trying to figure out how to get a picture on the computer. then it dawned on me i will used windows media center, i had a cable box hooked into it that i watched and recorded tv with on the pc through the media center. i figured hell i will just changed the media center input from the cable box to these xbox composite inputs and i should have picture. and well i did it worked. however there was considerable lag between when i pushed a button on the controller and when the character acualy carried out that action. so i gave up on it. i figured the computer i had wasent fast enough to keep up with the signal. however now the computer i am trying to do this with is considerably faster. as well the hd 2400 card is way faster then the older pc. i figured it would work without much trouble. so i set out to hook everything up the same way. however, i instantly ran into a problem. windows media center will not let me configure the tv signal as it reports that it doesnt detect a tv tuner card and shuts down right then. i thought that was pretty gay, i know i dont have a tv tuner card but i am not trying to watch tv i just want to get the input from the HDMI on the radeon card ya know. anyhow it wont let me i tried unless i am completely missing somthing. anyways i think i have talked your heads off long enough i should get to the question.

my question is is there any software that will let me tune to that HDMI input without having a tv tuner card installed. and if so will there be lag like i had before. i tried win dvr i think is what it was called, however it doesnt have HDMI to choose from. any ideas.

I know what i am trying to do is possible as i have done it before on a much older media center computer, and it worked. but the lag was bad.

thanks for the help
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  1. Let me make sure I understand this correctly - You are running the 360's video signal through a hdmi cable to your tv tuner card in your PC. Then from your PC to the monitor that is connected to it? That seems overly complicated.

    Why not just download/install Windows Media Center and run the signal through the LAN that I am assuming both your 360 and your PC are connected to?
  2. There is software out there but why not just hook it to the tv and take the pc out of the equation and not have to worry about the response issue?
  3. well i have the HDMI cable going from the xbox to the back of the computer plugged into the radeon hd card. what i was really asking was if there was a program that would let me tune to that HDMI input. because well if i dont have a program that will tune to it then iget no picture.

    at any rate i have seen alot of article on how to hook your xbox directly to a computer monitor bypassing the computer alltogether. so i just went out and bought a xbox 360 to vga cable and then a rca red and white to headphone jack splitter. i am hoping this will work. as i dont have another tv i only have the one tv and iuse it as a second computer monitor. wich works perfectly fine for me cause when i am using my computer i use my tv as a second monitor but when i am playing xbox i dont need to monitors. the problems lies in when i am 3d modeling on my computer i do use both monitors for extra screen real estate and thats when my brother wants to play. i dont really want to have to buy another tv thats why i was looking for a way to hook everything up through the computer. however hopefully this will work hooking it up directly to the monitor, and useing that basically as the tv screen to recieve the xbox picture. we will see.

    thanks for the fast replies
  4. are you sure that 's not an HDMI OUTPUT on the video card?
  5. It will work. That is how I do it for my Dell 3008WFP. Its my PC Monitor through the DVI input, and my xbox 360 monitor through the VGA input (would do hdmi but I do not have a cable atm).
  6. Like DMD said, it's HDMI OUT, it's is NOT an input.

    Go buy a cheap tuner card.
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