Help New PCI-Express Network Card Hangs Mobo

I just purchased a Intel EXPI9301CTBLK 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps PCI-Express Network Adapter card. Here is a link to it...

When I plug it into the motherboard it causes it to not POST. All I get is a single short beep that repeats. Then after removing the Intel Network card, the motherboard stays hung/dead and single short beeps. At that time I have to unplug the computers power cable, remove the motherboard battery and clear the CMOS to get it to work again.

I have repeated this porocess several times with no success. Each time I plug in the Intel Network card into a pci-express slot it hangs the motherboard. Am I doing something wrong? Can I not use both Pci-express alongside another pci card? I do have one normal Pci usb card plugged into the motherboard also. Thank you for any help or suggestions.
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  1. Can you try the net card in a different system? The short repeated beeps are typically a power related problem - card may have a short, or low-impedance fault...
  2. Thank you so much for a fast reply. Unfortunately I don't have another computer to try it it. However, I assume by your line of thought that it should work the way I trid it, and I did not do anything obviously wrong. I'll probably return it to newegg for a replacment and just get a normal PCI network card if I can't get this pci-express card to work in the next few days. Thanks again.
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    You are correct - if the card was OK, you should be able to drop it in, without harm to the boot process - it simply wouldn't do anything until the drivers get loaded; for the bandwidth involved, you do not specifiaclly need a PCIe card - plain old PCI will get the job done fine, and they are cheap as heck! I record two channels of ATSC TV off an HD_HomeRun that's only got a 100M connection, and my two channel NTSC tuner only uses PCI; PCIe is really only 'stretched by: high-end graphics cards, and fast IOP driven RAID cards...
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